Europe Trip, Day 11: Rome by Train

This will be a short post because this day was pretty much a wash. Our overnight train was supposed to arrive in Rome at 9am. They announced on the train that there would be a delay of 2-3 hours due to the alternate route they had to take because of the weather. Then around noon, they announced that the delay would be closer to 5-6 hours.

We spent the entire day riding along on the train, looking out the window, and eating the snacks we had been wise enough to pack in our bag. Around lunchtime, the train folks did provide a free bag of crackers, juice, and water since this long delay had been unexpected and most people did not have any food to eat at all.

We continued to ride along, frustrated that we lost an entire day of sightseeing, but grateful for the opportunity to kick back and relax. Luckily we still had our bunk beds so we could stretch out, instead of sitting upright in a chair all day.

The views out the windows were beautiful and it was fun to see the scenery change as we rode through the Italian countryside. We eventually reached Rome at about 5pm. We had the address of the hotel but no idea how to get there from the station. From our Rick Steves guide, it seemed like the distance was walkable, but the map wasn’t very detailed so we didn’t really know which way to go. We started off in the direction we thought it might be and ended up lost in a roundabout, by now really feeling the full weight of our heavy backpacks.

After wandering around, checking the rough map every once in awhile, we finally decided to just ask someone. We knew our hotel was near the Trevi Fountain, so if someone could just point us in that direction, we could surely find it. Chad walked up to a bus driver and asked him in English if he knew where the Trevi Fountain was. He replied that he didn’t speak English, so I hurriedly asked (before he could change his mind about helping us) “Dove il fontana de trevi?” He gave us directions in Italian, which I understood to my relief (I had studied abroad in Florence in college and was glad that I retained enough of the language to help in this situation!). Off we went and finally (after a VERY long walk) found our hotel and got checked in.

We walked around the corner to grab some gelato while we waited for my parents, who were flying in that evening to see the sights of Rome with us, to arrive. Before long, we received a call from my mom and they were almost at the hotel. We hurried back to greet them and as it was around 8pm and they were completely exhausted from their over 13 hour journey from San Francisco, we grabbed a quick bite for dinner and went to sleep.

It was a crazy, unplanned day, but I was so happy to see my parents and excited for our next adventures in Rome!


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