My 29th birthday is only a few days away, and a friend of mine inspired to write a 30×30 list of things I’d like to accomplish in the next year, by the time I turn 30. I’m hoping this list does not simply become another New Year’s Resolutions list, with the same items appearing year after year and never quite getting accomplished. I’m leaving off a couple goals that I don’t want to share with the world, but I want them on my list nonetheless. Feel free to use your imagination on what those goals might be… 🙂

1. Learn a few reasonably hard songs on piano
2. Run another marathon
3. Visit Portland (road trip!)
4. Write a book proposal for a cookbook
5. Blog at least weekly (if not daily)
6. Set aside money for a new car
7. Cook something at least once a week
8. Make our house feel like a home
9. Try painting
10. Kayak in McCovey Cove
11. USC game & tailgate with friends
12. Make some good family videos
13. Learn to sail
14. Learn to golf
15. Go hiking more often
16. Pay off loans
17. Start writing a book
18. De-clutter. Donate, sell or get rid off stuff we don’t need.
19. Audition to be an extra on a show
20. Read books (list of books to read will be a forthcoming blog post)
21. Try to remember how to ski
22. Go to Spring Training
23. Swim with dolphins
24. Grow my own vegetables
25. Milk a cow
26. Take a bicycle tour of a city
27. Be a contestant on a TV game show
28. Start an IRA
29. Come up with a get-rich-quick scheme
30. Mystery Goal


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