Letter to my 16-year-old self

Dear Laura,

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Now that I’ve reached the ripe, old age of 28, I want to write a letter to you, a 16-year-old youngster, and bestow the wisdom that I’ve retained in these past few years. Please take this advice into consideration, but remember that all the “mistakes” you’re making now will eventually lead you to a place of happiness in the future. So while there is an easier road, the one you’re on ain’t bad, either.

So here is my advice for you:

-Mountain Dew and crackers is not a good diet plan. Eat a real freakin’ meal.

-You are thin and healthy. I would kill to be able to fit in that cheerleading skirt now. Stop worrying so much about your weight and enjoy this wonderful period in your life where your metabolism is working at an amazing rate and able to keep you thin no matter what you eat.

-Despite what people tell you, you do not need to join every single activity at school and get straight A’s in order to get into college. Being so gung-ho will eventually make you feel burnt out and you won’t even feel like applying to all those colleges you were trying so desperately to please.

-Chad is a pretty great guy, and as improbable as it sounds in high school, this one’s a keeper.

-Enjoy all the school dances. This is one of the few times in your life that you’ll actually have the opportunity to go out dancing in a formal dress, corsage and all.

-That internet thing is going to be really important later. Grab some Apple stock now.

-Work less, play more. Every hour of every day does not need to be filled with an activity or job. Enjoy this blissful time of your life when you don’t have to pay rent or bills. Your folks will kick down enough money for your weekly movie outings. What else do you really need?

-This one should really be directed at my 15-year-old self, but… look people in the eye when you’re breaking up with them. I know this is really hard to do, but you owe them that and will feel guilty about this forever if you don’t do it.

-Spend time with your family and heed all their advice. They’re pretty smart people.

-Keep playing the piano. Despite what people say, this is not like riding a bike. You can’t walk away from this and come back years later, playing at the same level. You’ll basically have to start all over.

You’ve somehow managed to make high school the most hectic time of your life. Knock it off. These years should be fun and stress-free. Enjoy them!


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