50 Blog Topics

As you may have noticed, my blogging regularity leaves something to be desired. My excuse has been that I lacked good topics to blog about, so I’m fixing that problem right now. This post will be a list of topics I could blog about in the future. It’s something I will refer to when faced with writer’s block or something you can feel free to use if you need an idea for your own blog. If you think of any other topics you’d like to hear about, please let me know! Also, please let me know which ones to blog first!

1 Letter to my 16-year-old self
2 Bad Habits
3 Annoying things people say
4 Bad manners that annoy the heck out of me
5 Thoughts on politics
6 If I could go back in time, what time period would I choose and why?
7 Book reviews
8 Exercises
9 Cooking recipes and photos
10 New advances in medical research
11 Short stories
12 What would I do with a million dollars?
13 Plot for a TV sitcom
14 Great date ideas
15 If I could do something else for a living, what would I do?
16 Song mashups
17 My most embarassing moment
18 What not to say on a date
19 Scribbles on a bathroom wall and a made-up story about them
20 Best excuses for missing work
21 Bad job interview tips
22 Bad resumes
23 Cheap ways to live large in college
24 How to annoy friends on Facebook
25 Stupid tweets
26 Photos of bad hairdos over the years
27 Captions for random photos
28 Favorite movies
29 Pickup lines
30 Roommate horror stories
31 Dating horror stories
32 Weird food combinations
33 If I were one of the 7 dwarfs, I would be…
34 Pet peeves
35 Superstitions I believe in
36 What is one thing I believed as a child that I now know is not true
37 How to train (or not train) for a marathon
38 Favorite vacations
39 My grandparents’ phone booth proposal story
40 Funny things my parents did while they were dating
41 My senior ball makeup and other regrets
42 Photos of a day in my life
43 Video interviews
44 An outfit I would love to buy if I could afford it
45 Why more money = more problems
46 Favorite quotations
47 A talent I wish I had
48 Few people know this about me
49 What I thought when I first met my husband
50 Ways to save money


One thought on “50 Blog Topics

  1. A Letter to your 16 year old self would be interesting. I recently got into a discussion with the hubby about “how much you change between the ages of 16 and 26” since he is around teenagers all the time. It’s funny, I argued that I changed ALOT between 15 and 16, but I still would make the same decisions that I did when I was 16 (in most cases). He argued that he has changed so much. It’d be interested to see how you’d write that letter and what advice you’d give yourself.

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