3 Ways A Dog = A Baby (#3)

3. Diapers. Dog diapers are expensive and dogs go through them so fast.

Wow, did you seriously think we actually put our dog in diapers? Don’t be ridiculous. Dogs aren’t actually babies! You’re really carrying this analogy too far. I can’t believe you fell for that. Ok, so here is the real #3:

3. Outgrowing clothes. Dogs outgrow their clothes almost as fast as babies do, and doggy clothes are expensive!

Ok, in all honestly, we only bought one “outfit” for Lily and it was against our best judgment. We bought her a cute little plaid jacket when she was a tiny puppy. We got her at Christmas time and she was so small she could practically fit in one hand. Our vet said it was very important to keep her nice and warm, so when we had to take her along for Christmas with the family, we decided to get her a Christmas jacket. She outgrew it almost immediately and we haven’t bought another outfit since. But if she had stayed small, I could see how it would get very expensive to get new outfits for various special occasion outings. I mean, we couldn’t have her showing up at an Easter event in a Christmas jacket, could we? No puppy of mine will be dressing out of season! So rather than face that ultimate dilemma, Lily gets to run free with nothing but a collar and license. She seems to like it better that way, anyway.


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