Worrying and 3 Reasons I’m Happy

As you’ve probably noticed from my last few posts, I’ve been worrying about a lot of things lately. The health of friends and family has been weighing on me, and there is scarcely a day that I don’t think about and remember Tim. However, I have made a decision. I’m going to make an effort to do less worrying and more smiling. Starting here. 🙂

Considering the worries on my mind, I was reminded of a movie called Pollyanna. Pollyanna had her share of problems and worries, but when they began to consume her, she played the “Glad Game.” I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but when I couldn’t shake my fears or concerns, thinking of a few things that made me glad really did calm me.

So here are 3 reasons I’m happy:

1. A wonderful family. I was on a walk with a friend today, and we were sharing stories of people we knew who were having problems with their family. The problems ranged from having to financially support them to wondering where and why brothers and sisters had been taken by an estranged father who had abducted them. We talked about how when we were young, we took our family for granted and assumed that everyone had two parents that loved them and a support system of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and cousins that cared about them and would be there to help them at a moment’s notice. As we are growing older, we see that that is often the exception and not the rule and we are luckier than we ever imagined.

2. Amazing friends. Somehow I really lucked out in this department and landed some of the best, warmest, most caring friends anyone could ask for. Not only would they be there for me if I was ever in need, but they are also hilarious, smart, silly, adventurous, and talented.

3. Almond Milk. I know that sounds silly, but let me explain. The first two items on my list today were big things. The biggest, really. Number 3 on the list symbolizes the little things that can get taken for granted, but really mean so much more than it would seem. Last night, my husband ran out to the store to grab a few groceries. I asked him to grab Vanilla Almond Milk for me (I’m not drinking Soymilk or regular milk for a list of paranoid reasons that have caused me to think that they cause various health problems). He returned with all the groceries, including Almond Milk. One problem. It was the unsweetened kind. That sounds pretty petty, but if you’ve ever tried both versions, it is really hard to go back to unsweetened. I teased my husband about it, but put it away with the other groceries and started dinner. Two minutes later, I heard the door shut. Moments later, my husband reappeared and presented a new half gallon of Sweetened Almond Milk. He had run down to the store and brought back the sweet kind! I hadn’t asked him to; he just did it to make me happy. Those little things add up to one big reason why I’m happy.


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