Hike for Hope

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On Sunday, I did the Hike for Hope in Sunol with JoAnne (Tim’s wife), her friend Lyn, and my mother. The Hike supported Hope Hospice, the wonderful people who cared for Tim during his final weeks and helped keep him as pain-free as possible.

It was a beautiful day, and as we walked along the trail and the beautiful green scenery, we could not help but feel that Tim was there with us. He would have loved that hike.

Unfortunately, the day was not without event. While walking down a particularly steep downhill part of the trail, Lyn fell and was unable to continue the rest of the hike. We were already more than halfway along the route, so it was not an easy task to return her safely to the starting line. A paramedic came and she was carried back up the hill to a truck that drove her back to the parking lot. Soon after, she headed to the hospital to discover that her foot was, indeed, broken.

So our day took an unexpected turn, but I’m finding that even in these moments, I breathe a slight sigh of relief in knowing that we’re facing a problem that has a solution. There is pain and discomfort, but it will go away and Lyn will be back to normal soon. Thank goodness for small miracles.


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