Before I Have Kids… Revisited and Revised

While brunching with some of my favorite ladies (cross number 7 off the original Before I Have Kids list), one of my friends astutely pointed out to me that my list of things to do seems to hinge on activities that involve alcohol. This was not my intention, and it surprised even me that my list took that turn and made me look like somewhat of a binge drinker or borderline alcoholic that was fearing that kids would equal a form of rehab.

So in the interest of proving that good times can be had whilst sipping a normal iced tea instead of the long island version (apparently I cannot imagine fun times that don’t involve some sort of beverage, alcoholic or not), here are some new additions to my Before I Have Kids list.

1. Hike the Inca Trail
Certainly a challenge, but I’d love to do this someday. I think it would be somewhat more difficult with a kid strapped to my back, weighing me down.

2. Get artistic.
I’d like to try my hand at painting. I am one of those people that walks into a museum, particularly modern art museums, and thinks, “Hey, I could do that.” I think I could throw some paint on a canvas with the same accuracy as many others I’ve seen. I’d like to give that a try before a little one is running around putting their fingerprints in my masterpieces.

3. Train my dog.
This is probably a necessity before kids. Although I suppose if we don’t train our dog (Lily), the future baby will learn not to throw toys or food on the floor because once it’s down there, that’s Lily territory and you’re not getting it back.

4. Be really vain.
I’ve heard that once you’re a mother, you won’t have time to do your makeup, curl your hair, or even take a shower. Yuck. Until that time, I’m going to pile as much makeup on my face as possible and maybe some of it will still be visible when I get around to having kids. I know the kid will be the priority, but a lady still likes to get into the clubs free, even if it is Gymboree. 😉


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