Before I Have Kids

I was out with some of my favorite girlfriends the other night, and we are all at that age where the topic of kids inevitably arises. None of us have any. We all want them someday… but not today.

My parents want me to have them as soon as possible. Every once in awhile they throw in a comment about how things should be done at a certain age. “If you wait too long, you won’t have the energy to keep up with them” “It’s harder to get pregnant the older you get.” “There will never be a ‘right’ time.” While I agree with everything they say, there are a few things I want to do before I have those precious little ones.

Yes, I know life doesn’t end once you have kids. Sure, I could potentially do any of the things on my list with kids or without. But everyone I’ve talked to has said that my priorities will change (as they should), and things that aren’t kid friendly may seem less important or possible.

Well, what do you know but The Nest read my mind and had a column in their newsletter today about 15 things to do before you have kids. I love their ideas, but I wanted a list of my own. So here it is. My Things to Do Before I Have Kids:

1. Visit Europe with my husband
My husband is German and has always wanted to visit the country of his heritage, as well as the other beautiful countries abroad. Well, the tickets are bought! We’ll at least have one thing checked off the list by the end of September this year!

2. Go kayaking in the Bay at a Giants game

3. Go white water rafting
We bought a groupon… now we just have to find a time to go!

4. Take some road trips. (This one made The Nest’s list, too.)
Some places we’d like to road trip to: up the CA coast to Oregon, Grand Canyon, Montana…

5. Brunch with the girls
We’ve been trying to schedule this for months and it just hasn’t worked out with our schedules yet. No more excuses! Ladies, we’re making this happen.

6. More outings with friends
The odds are we will be the first couple among our close friends to have kids. I want to spend as much quality time with them while we can so we are sure the arrival of little ones won’t scare them away. 😉

7. Stay out late.
We’ve already found ourselves calling it a night before even my parents do. Unacceptable at our age. We are just going to have to work on our tolerance and sleep schedules so these late nights out can be executed as they are meant to be!

8. Take some risks.
Whether this involves careers, travel, or any number of other adventures, I want to try it and not have any regrets later.

9. Camping Trip with the friends
We will certainly continue these post-kids, but they will probably be a little different…

10. Date Nights
We’ve already let these go by the wayside somewhat because we have a dog. Yes, a DOG. Ridiculous. Our pup is just going to have entertain herself once a week so we can catch a movie.

Surely there will be more to come… suggestions are welcome!


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